New Moms- How to Prep for Baby: Diapering and Toys

The other big thing you need to do is to be ready to change your baby’s many diapers and have a few items to entertain your baby. Nathan and I set up a changing table and had a couple of toys that we assembled once Theo was home. You will have some time to do this, so don’t panic! You have time mommas, know that! Diapering is key but you can wait to set up your play mat and swing.

What do you need for your diaper station?

  1. Changing pad with cover
  2. Diapers– Keep in mind we had a week where we used the diapers at the NICU- so we didn’t need many newborn diapers. 3-4 boxes of size 1, 2 month supply of size 2 (Pampers Pure through Babylist)
  3. Desitin butt paste
  4. Wipes for those stinky diapers!
  5. Mini trashcan- we don’t use a diaper genie and I really don’t notice any smell!
  6. Hand Sanitizer
  7. Nose Frida
  8. Baby saline spray

What kind of toys do you need?

  1. Play mat with hanging toys, we like the Skip Hop Alphabet Zoo Activity Gym 
  2. Bouncer, we like the Fisher-Price Fun ‘n Fold Bouncer 
  3. Swing, I don’t think you need anything fancy, and its sometimes nice to not have the swing and bouncer all in one!
  4. Soft plush animals, like a bear or a horse
  5. Peek-a-boo elephant, we like the Gund Baby Animated Flappy The Elephant Plush Toy

New Moms- How to Prep for Baby

This is an introduction to a four part mini series of posts on how my family prepped for our first baby to come home. I want to share with all new moms what you can do to get ready for baby, because in my opinion, there really isn’t much to do.

To be honest, I really didn’t do much to prep for baby and I am so glad that I didn’t. I know that everyone asks, are you ready for baby? What have you done to get ready for him to come home?

My response to people was, “I have diapers and a few outfits and the stroller!” We really didn’t do much, I would say we did the bare minimum, and part of it was because it was personal choice but the other piece is that we are staying at my parents house while our house is being remodeled. We didn’t and still don’t have a nursery!

On that note- I would have set up my nursery if I had the option, but I would have just purchased a crib and some cute curtains to keep the light out. Think about it, design takes time, it is fun to plan out the nursery, so new moms, take your time to decorate and curate your ideas. Your baby won’t be sleeping in their crib anyways until about 4 or 5 months. They should be sleeping in your own room. Trust me, it will make middle of the night feedings a lot better.

The Boppy is Your Best friend

On your registry you are going to have so many things to choose from, but let me tell you the one thing that I couldn’t have lived without after we had Theo. It was the boppy.

The boppy is such a great invention altogether and I’ll tell you why.

Theo was a NICU baby , he would have low oxygen levels while slept and while he ate. We had to pace Theo during his feedings and monitor him pretty closely while he ate to make sure he was okay and not turning blue or choking. We then also monitor him after a feeding, since he was also prone to spitting up due to the amount of air he would get from us pacing him. Our doctors said for Theo that pacing him and getting more air is okay, but typically you want to limit the amount of air so he or she doesn’t spit up.

We noticed that Theo would still spit up if we would lay him on our chest or just try to sit him upright on our own. We were at a bit of a loss on what to do. We hadn’t busted out the boppy quite yet since most people use it as a nursing pillow, and we had the “my breast friend pillow” for that- another good one but nothing like the boppy.

Finally when Theo was three weeks old (he had been home for two weeks about, since one week he was in the NICU), we busted out the infamous boppy.

Now new moms, don’t be like me, bust out this boppy the minute you get home. It not only stopped his spitting up by propping him up, but it also allowed him to be on the couch with us sitting on his own, so we didn’t have to hold him 24/7 while on the couch. He could chill in his boppy next to us.

We also used this boppy when we couldn’t get Theo to go to sleep- it’s great for day naps if you watch your little one in it and closely monitor- if you have a leather couch like me he might continually slide down and you need to move him back up onto the boppy so his chin isn’t touching his chest – you want to be able to see their neck.

Make sure to watch your little ones and never have their feet pointed outwards towards the couch, turn the boppy so his feet and body are parallel to the seat of the couch, otherwise if he or she sits facing the way we all normally do, he or she could slide right out and fall out and off the couch- not safe.

So new moms, take this advice, register for a boppy and if you don’t get one – purchase one. They have several cute patterns, and you won’t regret it! With your first little one you will be watching lots of Netflix- don’t feel guilty for doing so, just enjoy your little man (or woman) chilling next to you. This boppy will allow you to have a binge watching partner in crime who will have less spit ups and probably more naps too!

Buy the Boppy Here

As a P.S.— One thing I do wish that Boppy would improve upon is the quality of the center of the Boppy. I have noticed that over time, maybe just because Theodore has a big noggin, but the center of the boppy where he rests his head, it starts to sink and loose its cushion. We have to prop that part up with another pillow!

A Pregnant Wedding Season

Nathan and I haven’t been to any weddings together, until this year. 2019 was the year of weddings, including our own. We went to a total of five weddings.

I treasured this year, especially because all our close friends and family were getting married in 2019, so Nathan and I were able to, before Theodore was born, reconnect with old friends and family. We talked about old memories and the new ones to come, we had seen people we hadn’t seen in a while and we went on several “dates,” which are fewer and far between now that Theodore is here.

I want to highlight the wedding in February and the wedding in April because these were the two weddings where I was finally showing my bump and it wasn’t my own wedding, so Nathan and I had a lot of time to “date” each other at each and try something or learn something new together.

At the wedding in February, our friends Brian and Sarah were getting married, and it was a wedding outdoors. We had to prep for this one- it was set to be 40-50 degrees that day and it was. It was so cold! BUT I couldn’t complain, I took the comfy route, wore my long sleeved dress, some fleece leggings and knee high boots. Do it ladies. Take advantage of being pregnant, be more comfortable and casual, you won’t regret it!

So why was this one so memorable? Not only were our close friends getting married, but Nathan and I beat my twin sister and her boyfriend at a game of cornhole! It seems silly but this is a wonderful memory for me. Nate was so chivalrous and would pick up my bags since I couldn’t bend down really, and he even kept getting snacks and water so I would stay fed and hydrated. This backyard wedding was one for the books… Nathan makes me fall in love with him more and more every day, even from the silly little things he does for me and our family.

At the wedding in April, our friends Miles and Mel were getting married. I was eight and half months pregnant, and we had to stay in a hotel down in Gruene, Texas. It really took me until this moment to realize that Theo was about to be born, our due date was right around the corner! We had spent almost 9 months waiting for Theo and the moment was almost here. We couldn’t wait! (Sleeping in a hotel bed also without my pregnancy pillow made me really want to go into labor, so I wouldn’t have to be uncomfortable all night!)

Nathan and I were limited in what we could do, but I wouldn’t change the day for anything in the world.  We may not have danced as much as we would have liked, but it didn’t matter, we had fun anyways. We talked to more people we hadn’t seen in a while and we had our own dance party sitting down in our chairs while people starred. We made funny faces at the photo booth, something we never do at weddings.  We tried something different and made that day that much more memorable.

All I have to say as my piece of advice to mom’s going to a wedding when they are this pregnant….

Try something new, have a cornhole tournament and dance if you can, even if it is in your seat, and finally, those cute open toed wedges are never a good idea, even if it is for just one picture.  Rock the comfy slip ons, as you can see we didn’t even get my feet anyways. Stay comfy my pregnant friends. Mom life is around the corner and you will be rocking them then anyways.