A Family Weekend

We are all at home making sure we contain the spread of COVID-19. I understand that staying home can be a lot, especially when it is a rainy day, where you stay inside all day. But, we do this because we love our neighbors, our family, our friends and all the people working the front lines to combat the virus. So thank you to everyone for doing your part, and I hope those that read this can use it as a way to stay inside and find new things to do!

Theo was up all night and so were we, but it doesn’t mean you we parents have a day off. We still get up and love our little humans regardless of the lack of sleep. My trick today was a cup of coffee, a diet coke and my husband, who was my partner in the success of the day.

Here is what we did today.


  1. Video conferenced Aunt Katie and Uncle Alex
  2. Made breakfast and talked Theo through the steps in the kitchen
  3. Ate breakfast, which included eggs, veggies, beef and cheerios
  4. Video conferenced some more family, mimi and grandpa Dave
  5. Had a 6 ounce bottle of formula


  1. Went on a family walk / jog for an hour
  2. Theo took a nap and we cleaned the house
  3. Video conferenced grandma Jean
  4. Ate lunch, which included a fruit cup and cheerios
  5. Theo had a 6 ounce bottle of formula while dad blew all the leaves off the driveway and mom picked up the play area
  6. Pulled out the mixing bowls and measuring cups for music time
  7. Sat in the kitchen and made music


  1. Theo played in the playpen while mom and dad rested on the couch
  2. Theo took another hour long nap with mom on the couch while dad created a game!
  3. Dinner, which included fish sticks and tater tots with a jar of green beans for Theo

And now are all turning in for the night, Nate did some work, I made dinner for tomorrow in the crockpot, Ellie snoozed on the couch and Theo was in bed within 20 minutes and asleep by 9pm.

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