Our Favorite Rainy Day Activities

Let’s face it, it is fun to get outside and do all the activities. For Pete’s sake I just wrote a blog post on all the things you can do! And yes, I do those, but sometimes you just want to plop down inside and play in the play yard with your little ones. Here are somethings we do inside, whether it be in the house or in his play pen.

Light shows with our light up turtle

See if you can’t get a white dish towel to cover the lights on this wonderful turtle as it is not recommended they look straight at them. We like to do this so he can see the lights and hear the sounds of the ocean.

Bang the cups

We have a stack of cups that we use and Theo likes to use these to make noise. You can use really anything you have in the house if you don’t want to buy something, like measuring cups or bowls.

Play Catch

We take a football or giant soft baseball and we toss it back and forth, he is starting to get the hang of it and tossing it back to us!

Jump Around

We let Theo jump in his jumper/ bouncer for as long as he wants, our doctor said that it really can’t do damage. I think it has honestly made his legs super strong and given him the ability to walk quicker!

Snuggle and Watch a Movie

I don’t like to promote TV, but when all else fails, and you are just too tired form the night before, it is sometimes to just spend time on the couch, snuggling and watching Frozen or Frozen II for the thirtieth time in a row! This usually leads to a group nap, which is SO FUN!

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